The Goff Strategic Leadership Center is a source of expert insights on how individuals’ choices and actions impact the success of their firms. The research and publications from the Goff Strategic Leadership Center focus on developing useful new insights and analyzing data to provide rigorous and well-informed perspectives on strategic leadership and related topics.

Six Principles

of Strategic Leadership

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Your Core


Deliver results with strong personal ownership.

Finding the Space to Lead

By: Janice Marturano

Great by Choice

By: Jim Collins

I Hope I Screw this Up

By: Kyle Cease

The Art of Strategic Leadership

By: Steven J. Stowell

Doing What Matters

By: James M. Kilts

Extreme Ownership

By: Jocko Willinck

Cultivate self awareness, personal agility & continual growth.

Achieving Success Through Social Capital

By: Wayne Baker


By: Malcolm Gladwell

Brain Rules

By: John Medina

Leading without Command

By: Joe Mutizwa

Social Intellegence

By: Daniel Goleman

Mind Matters

By: Michael Gazzaniga

Your Role


Enable and support shared success.

Community of the Future

By: Drucker Foundation

Creating Leaderful Organization

By: Joseph A. Raelin

Finding Allies, Building Alliances

By: Mike Leavitt

Managing from Clarity

By: James L. Ritchie-Dunham

The Wisdom of Teams

By: Jon R. Katzenbach


By: Paul R. Ferguson

Navigate the

Adaptive Space

By: Michael Arena

Call Sign Chaos

By: Jim Mattis

Comfortable with Uncertainty

By: Pema Chodron

Competing in the Third Wave

By: Jeremy Hope

Design Rules

By: Carliss Baldwin

Fast Forward

By: James Champy

Your Goal


Maintain relentless focus on creating value.

Brand Resilience

By: Jonathan R.

Business Alliance Guide

By: Robert Lynch

Design-Driven Innovation

By: Roberto Verganti

Good to Great

By: Jim Collins

On Competition

By: Michael Porter

Success Built to Last

By: Jerry Porras

Craft and share compelling strategic vision.

Brick by Brick

By: David C. Roberston

Creating Shared Vision

By: Marjorie Parker

Everyone Communicates Few Connect

By: John Maxwell

Gaining and Sustaining Competitive Advantage

By: Jay B. Barney

Jack Welch Speaks

By: Janet Lowe

The Art and Discipline of Strategic Leadership

By: Mike Freedman

Goff Faculty Fellows Program

The Goff Strategic Leadership Center in the David Eccles School of Business at the University of Utah is excited to announce a call for proposals for the new Goff Faculty Fellow program. The purpose of the Goff Faculty Fellow program is to support research and projects in the area of strategic leadership which should benefit U of U students, our campus community, and the larger field of strategic leadership learning and development.