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6 Principles of Strategic Leadership

What is Strategic Leadership? How do we recognize it? How do we achieve it? How can we help others achieve it? We tackled these questions through extensive research and collaboration to reach and develop the Six Principles of Strategic Leadership.

YOUR CORE | Who I am.

Deliver Results with Strong Personal Ownership.

Dedicated to taking responsibility for failure, biased towards action, fluid in interpreting roles, and uncompromising in commitment to stewardship.

Cultivate Self-Awareness, Personal Agility, and Continual Growth.

Have a thorough and evolving understanding of their own ambition, passion, strengths and areas for development; Willing to invest in mastering context appropriate behaviors.

YOUR ROLE | How I work with others.

Enable and Support Shared Success.

Inspires and supports others in pursuit of common goals; Exhibits collaborative spirit with commitment to others’ development and achievement of everyone’s full potential.

Navigate the Unknown

Is comfortable incorporating risk and uncertainty in their own and the group’s decision making. Leverages opportunities where information is lacking or ambiguous.

YOUR GOAL | What you strive to accomplish

Maintain Relentless Focus on Creating Value.

Relentless in pursuit of long term strategic value creation and positioning; Skillful in identifying valuable problems and adeptly solving them.

Craft & Share Compelling Strategic Vision.

Skilled at generating a viable, ambitious vision of success and at effectively conveying this ambitious future state to others inside and outside the group.