The Goff Strategic Leadership Center offers three key ways for undergraduates to engage and strengthen their strategic leadership potential. We invite students from any major to participate in our scholarship opportunities, mentorship program, or courses.

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Courses that focus on the Six Principles of Strategic Leadership are developed in partnership with, and offered through, the Department of Entrepreneurship & Strategy. Undergraduates enrolled in these courses learn self-awareness, personal agility, and how to deliver results with strong personal ownership. This foundation of skills, detailed as the Core of a Strategic Leader, will aid in future success as students move from their education into the workforce. Students from any major on campus are encouraged to participate in our courses and apply for our scholarships.


Undergraduates can seek individual coaching from experienced business leaders, participate in group learning activities, or access as-needed learning materials. We offer self-guided, short term, and long term opportunities for learning and development.

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